With Warmth by Raine Leggett

Hello everyone! This is a small piece I’ve written about comfort in solitude. Solitude can come in many forms. Walking is one of my favorite things to do for peace of mind and health. As I walk I feel calm. This piece is an symbolism of that. Please enjoy reading!

With Warmth by Raine Leggett

Walking in the park, I find myself wondering. My mind drifts my eyes to the clouds. Shapes form as I see them. I take a breath of the crisp air. A few more steps and I clear my head. I walk even more with the warmth of the sun. Its rays shine down upon my soul.

Flowers now line my path. Their beautiful hue takes me aback. A sense of happiness fills my heart. A wonderful day begins to unfold. This walk in the park helps me relax.

As I stretch my arms over my head, a gentle breeze caress me again. The sun now drifts closer to earth.  A beautiful hue now fills the sky.

An end of the day now takes me back. My lovely walk brings peace of mind. The sun falls and brings in night. I end my day with thoughts of warmth.

To me a lovely day has ended. Tomorrow I rise to a new beginning.

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