To Wait for You by Raine Leggett

This story was after an odd challenge. I had to make a story about a lamp. After some thinking, the lamp became the scene on/scene off device. It was very interesting to do. Please enjoy this fiction about a woman who thinks its the end of her relationship.

To Wait for You by. Raine Leggett

The woman sat by her bedside, she silently wept. It was very early in the morning. Her husband had not returned home. He had been on a business trip with an acquaintance. She switched on the lamp.

“He’s not home yet”

He had been later and later each time. She had begun to grow tired of his absence.

She walked to her door. She walked through the hall. It was becoming a habit for her to walk around the empty house. She went into the living room and sat.

She stared at the phone.

“I’ll call him again.”

She picked up the phone and called his number.


“Allen, how is your trip?”

“It’s going well!” He said in a perky tone.

It made her sick to see hear that tone. She wanted to spend so much time with him.

“That good…” She said in a small voice. “Do you have a planned time of when you’ll be home?”

“About that… I extended my stay to a few more days.”

Her stomach lurched.

More time!? She thought.

“Hello? Heather?”

“Yes. I’m here…” She said holding back tears, “I’ll wait then.”

“Alright, thanks.” Allen said, “Well, I’ll be hanging up then.”


Heather hung up the phone. She felt her tears streaming down her cheeks. How long has this gone on? When did it first start?

She walked down the hall. She hated that she met his business partner so suddenly. She was so cordial and polite.

Heather sighed.

He gives so much to that partnership that her jealousy is overwhelming.

She returned to her room and sat at her desk. She pulled out a piece of paper and pen.

She wrote with all her heart. The paper was wet with her tears as she penned down her thoughts.

A warm love letter formed itself on the paper. Sweet words of him were written before she felt an uncontrollable sob. She dropped her pen as her head fell into her hands. Her heart ached so much she got up from her chair.

She looked around the room before closing her eyes.

“It’s over…”

She began to pack her bags. She wiped tears in between each article of clothes she threw in her bag.

After a long string of clothes, she paused and looked towards the sky. She returned to her desk before putting an “X” over the paper.

She picked up her bags and with one last look, she turned off her lamp.

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