A Lovely Afternoon by. Raine Leggett

In this world, there are many pleasures. For me walking is one. It is a way to unwind and enjoy life. The park is the best place to do that. This piece is about a woman who just does that.

A Lovely Afternoon by. Raine Leggett

Over the moon and down again. I wonder how that works? If you gage it wrong, wouldn’t you get stuck? Who would help you? It’d serve you right if they don’t.

Reese chuckled to herself. She was sitting alone on a bench at a park she frequently visits. She was holding a latte’ she frequently took sips from. The sun bared down on her, yet the breeze gently blew a coolness past her.

She looked around at the people walking by. She then noticed someone nearby. She couldn’t tell if she was looking at her or not. But it was clear the woman was nervous. Reese looked at her more clearly before their eyes met. The woman jumped and looked away.

“Yep, she’s checking me out.” Reese mumbled under her breath.

She repositioned herself to look elsewhere.

In the distance she watched a flock of birds fly. Their arrow formation always intrigued her.

“What if they flew wrong?” She giggled. “If humans tried that I bet it wouldn’t look right for hours.”

She finished her latte’ with one big gulp. She then got up to stroll throwing her cup away before she did so. She turned to see the woman looking at her was gone. It was interesting to see how nervous people got in such situations. She chuckled to herself again.

The sidewalk was long. Its brick neat and patterned in design. Just ahead was a fountain that sprouted really high.

“I’ll go there for a bit.” Reese said as she hummed to herself.

The day was beautiful. She could stay there for hours. As she approached, she felt the coolness of the fountain water in the air. She sighed as she watched it.

She stared at it intently.

“If you could float on that I’d bet it would be heaven. But how would you get down. I guess you’d blissfully wade until the park rangers get you. Hah!”

She giggled perhaps more than she should at her comment.

She walked around to catch every angle of the fountain. She got close enough to feel the water sprinkling down.

“A pleasant rain.” She said as she held her hands up.

“Well then, let’s keep this stroll up.”

Reese walked on another path. It was just as beautiful as the first. She hummed to herself as she did so. Every now and then she’d stop and look at certain things. It was a lovely park. Her favorite thing about it was the many sites. It was the perfect place to recharge from her long week. She watched as the clouds rolled into view.

“That one looks perfectly bouncy. If clouds let you bounce that is.” She laughed.

“I honestly would prefer to eat one. But the moon would taste better.”

She giggled to herself as she continued her stroll. She found another bench to sit on. It had a lovely view of the sky. But what’s best about it was its position at the front of the park. That made her walk the best.

She watched the cloud until the sky began to change colors. As the orange tint makes its way, she always closed her eyes to say she enjoyed her day. When she opens her eyes, she gazes at the sky.

“Hey you, you’re early!” Reese said as she caught sight of the moon, “But I won’t jump over you as that would be rude.”

She then got up content with her day.

“I’ll catch you tonight from my window instead.”

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