Hi from me, Raine

My name is Raine, and I am a huge fan of storytelling. I have grown up with a love of daydreaming. Daydreaming has always been a way to refuel and recharge. I am an avid fan of rest and relaxation. I’ve always believed a good tale can go a long way.

I follow a trail of dreams in my head to create tales that create an emotion of bliss. Stories have been my travel companion through life for as long as I’ve remembered. A good story can take me as far as the sky and beyond.

I have longed to be a writer since I was a little girl. I remember drawing a comic of a popular show as a 5-year-old and my uncle said he was going to publish it. I cried tears of joy. My wish to be published for my own stories began there. By the age of 6, I won 2nd place in a PTA reflection contest. By third grade, I became in love with literature and fell in love with a series of children’s poems. Poetry took a firm place in my heart.

In high school, I entered a poetry contest with a poem called My Own Abyss. It was immediately sent to the final round. However, as you grow older real-world emotions set in and doubts of your own abilities are more real. I looked at a prize of one million dollars and quit feeling it wasn’t good enough. I doubted if it was a real contest. Even so in my heart, I felt as if I was selling myself short.

I’ve struggled with my desire to write and folding myself into the life of office jobs. However, part of being a writer is believing in your own storytelling.

As I introduce you to the world of the budding author, I invite you to enjoy my early work. As you delve into my world, I invite you to enjoy the poem I sold short.

My Own Abyss
by Raine Leggett

Surrounded by darkness, I try to escape
I with an emotionless expression
Upon my face, what do I do, but
remember you, those times you scolded,
laughed, and hate

I drown in a river of my own tears,
slowly being consumed by my fears.
burning with hatred from remembrance
of you, with a stake in my heart
piercing through and through.

You denied me life and corrupted my
soul, with all that nonsense you seem
to hold, wanting nothing but
the end of my soul.

Now here I lie in my own abyss,
clenching my fist at the thought of
you, standing there laughing as
 I slowly drown in my abyss.

Check out the book that inspired me as I was growing up by Shel Silverstein. Falling Up.

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