The Withered Flower by Raine Leggett

This is a tragic story that explores loss. In losing someone you care about what will you do? Take a look.

The Withered Flower by Raine Leggett

“You poor thing.” The young woman stared, “Trampled into the ground with a vicious might.”

She stared at the flower. Its petal tarnished as the stem bends. The woman picked up the petals.

She clutched them tightly.

War ravaged this land. As the villager returned to the wreckage. They all cried.

“We did not deserve this tortious view.” She looked at the petals, “I couldn’t save you.”

She began to cry.

“I wanted to preserve your life. I thought that if you were a beautiful flower that you would not die.”

“Tarnished! This sinner soul of mine.”

She walked around, “At least your soul should have been mine. Why didn’t it preserve you?”

She wept.

“I could have saved your life.”

She dug a hole where the flower rest. She clawed at the ground helplessly. She cried as she did so.

The petal moved about in the wind. She desperately rustled them up.

“How dare you! How dare you father for taking her from me.”

She howled and screamed. She threw the flowers into the hole before picking the rest and placing it in. She then moved the dirt over it.

“That’s enough. Don’t cry now. I’m here.”

“Emily you are a ghost.”

“Father is sad.”

“I came here for you. I am now trapped.”

“You are not welcomed back.”

“Why did we switch places.”

She looked around at the angel in front of her. Tears welled as she became bewildered at her beauty.

She raged all at once.

“Father, Call me back! Call me back!”

“Calm down, Julie.”

“I wanted us to live together.”

“You must- “

“Are you alright ,ma’am.”

She looked around as a young man had made his way into the hills.

He went there to vent himself.

He was concerned at the woman’s expression. The devastation of the attack made him run.

He moved in closer.

“Stay back you foolish man.”

“But I wan- “

All at once, she lunged at him.

Freighted he fell back.

She pounded his head many times.

Emily was horrified at how far she was going into anxiety.

He feared for his life.

Using his strength, he pushed her back.

She was heavier than he thought. He managed to get up the strength to push her off.

He ran back to the village.

Before he got there his brother who had been looking for him rushed by him to finish her off.

“We’ve had war! You are the only goon out here taking it out on someone else.”

He pulled a dagger and with a selfish greed of terror lunged at her.

“No! Father do not call her this way.”

As soon as she said this he slipped as he ran too fast. His momentum gave way.

He fell on the dagger horror striking the young man.

“How foolish! Foolish! I had gotten away!”

He cried miserably.

“That should be me…” Julie cried, “I have no life left.”

“That’s not true. You must live. This is the life you chose.” Emily cried.

“Your fear is dangerous, for the flower you hold would not have held me anyway.”

“You’re gone…”

She looked up as the man was suddenly over her.

Before she could react, she was embraced by him.

She was moved.

“You are- “

All at once, she felt pain. It stung as deep as her soul.”

She faded.

So, this is how you call me back?

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