Serenity Under the Moonlight by Raine Leggett

This idea came from the one phrase I thought of, “I want to eat the moon.”. Just a silly thing to say in a conversation. What happen in it came next and then a story was told. Please enjoy.

Serenity Under the Moonlight by Raine Leggett

He sat there staring high into the moonlit sky. The night was calm and the serenade of cricket and frogs resounded around him. Every now and then he’d glance around to see the fireflies moving about.

It’s almost about that time again.

He thought to himself as he shifted position on the bench he occupied.

“How long has it been since I first started coming here.”

His mind began to travel as he let out a long sigh.

Just then the sound of footsteps echoed on the sidewalk snapping him from his thoughts. His heart began to race as he looked off into the direction to where the sound was coming from. His face lit into a slight rosy color as he smiled.

“Here again I see.”, A slight hint of relief in his voice.

A young woman let out a chuckle “Yes, this is my favorite spot”, She said before sitting down beside him. “You like it too, right?” the woman continued in a perky tone.


He said as his eyes averted back to the moonlit sky.

“It always feels cool at this time of night.” She spoke rather suddenly.

“It does.” He said in a lofty tone.

The moon sat high in the sky.

He turned slightly to where the woman sat.

He watched as she dreamily stared at the moon.

“I want to eat the moon.” She said suddenly.

He chuckled slightly.

“Do you believe the moon is made of cheese?”

She laughed and turned in his direction causing him to blush even more.

“I do!” She said.

He enjoyed the energy she had. For the time of night, she was always beaming.

She stared high into the sky. The dreamy expression on her face always lit his heart.

“I’m staring.” He inadvertently said under his breath.

“I know the sky wonderful.” She sighed.

“Oh yeah!” He nervously blurted upon realizing she heard him.

“It’s not bad.” She chuckled, “But if you want to look at me, I don’t mind.”

He blushed.

She turned to him smiling.

His heart raced. She was so beautiful. He wanted to take her up on her offer.

“Is there a reason you come here.” She said.

“I come here for you.” He said this as his heart fluttered.

She quickly looked away. His heart fell as he felt he may have made a mistake.

“I’m sorry.” She said as she turned to look at him, “I ran from you just now.”

His hearts skipped. He almost feinted.

“Did you really mean that.” She continued.

“I did.” He said with a swallow.

“I’m not ready for that.” She said softly, “But should I feel I am, I hope you waited.”

He watched her get up. I mixture of hope and sorrow flooded his heart.

“You really are going to run?” He asked.

“I am.” She said, “But in the meantime try to still the moonlit sky.”

He looked away as the moon shined in the sky listening to her footsteps echo away.

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