The Swordsmith by Raine Leggett

This was a story I created after an idea. I wanted a sword to be made with metal ringing across the sky. It was something I thought would be cool. The main character is a proud craftsman who gets to show his skill. Please enjoy.

The Swordsmith by Raine Leggett

The sound of metal rang across the sky. The swordsmith worked meticulously pounding at the metal. He enjoyed the ringing of the sword. He was at peace when he worked.

He wiped his brow as the sword came along.

“Excuse me sir.”

He turned so suddenly that the young woman jumped.

“What are you doing here?” He said sternly, “You should know not to surprise someone who is doing such meticulous work.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m lost.”


“I went off the trail to explore a bit. I figured I’d never find anyone else, but the beautiful sound of a bell ringing led me here.”

“You mean you heard the sword being forged.”

“I did.”

His face softened a bit.

“How long have you been lost?”

“Long enough to be afraid.”

He looked at the sword he had been working on.

“Fine, you can stay here to rest. I will lead back to the main trail when the sword is finished.”

A sigh of relief escaped her lips.

He picked up his hammer as he pounded at the blade again.

He worked meticulously.

She silently whispered “Wow.”

The swordsmith smiled behind his tough demeanor. He didn’t think a compliment would strike him so cool.

As time passed, he worked vigorously.

He glanced at her as he placed the finished blade down.

“This part is finished. Do you want to go back to the main path?”

“This part? You mean there’s more?”

“Of course. I must make the hilt of the sword!”

“You love this don’t you.”

The man let out a hardy laugh.

“I do.”

“My name is Jill she” said. As she smiled at his sudden enthusiasm.

He calmed down a bit.

“I always thought company would be too much of a distraction. But pride of a swordsmith is proud to have some who understands the beauty of the craft.”

He got up to get the rest of the materials.

“By the way my name is Oran.” He sat down to begin. “This process will take some time. Are sure you want to stay?”

Jill lit up.

“Can I really?”

“Of course!”

He sincerely smiled.

“Watch closely.”

He turned to face her.

She watched as he worked.

He took much pride in his craft. Working like this put his mind at ease. He could tell his love of swordsmith as the craft was showing more than his pride as a swordsmith.

Oran finished up. And showed her the sword.

She looked at it. Taking in every inch of the blade.

“Now then…”

He grabbed a scabbard of the shelf.

“I made this beauty ahead of time.”

“Wow!” She said as she clapped her hands together.

He slid the blade in and proudly placed it on the shelf.

“It sits there for a bit. Until it goes out to the market with the rest of my beauties.”

“You’re really a wonderful craftsman.”

“There you are, Jill.”

A man ran in and hugged her.

“Brother you found me!” She said as she wrapped her arms around him.

“I got lost and was watching the gentleman craft his sword to rest.”

“I see thank goodness.” He ran and shook Oran’s hand. “You have my thanks. I was so worried.”

“Such a strong grip.” Oran said “You would have found her anyway. No need to be so formal.”

The brother sighed relief as he had been looking for hours.

Oran glance at the woman’s sincere expression.

He felt he had been selfish showing off.

He thought to himself for a bit and smiled as Jill’s brother looked at the blade he just forged.

“It’s yours.”

Her brother jumped in surprise. He was stunned.

“Really, Gavin! It’s yours!”

Oran smiled as he placed it in Gavin’s hands.

The tears they shed made his heart warm.

“Well then.” He started. “I must rest.”

They gave their pleasantries and left.

Oran sat down and looked up.

“The blade found a better purpose.”

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