To Our Beauty by Raine Leggett

Love ages like a fine wine. Many years together is something to celebrate. A romantic day with a little dance. Some music to pass the time. In this story a older couple does just that. Please enjoy this story.

To Our Beauty by Raine Leggett

I’ve always watched my dear Winter. She is the brightest flower of my life. Her vividness is as bright as a rose. She brings a lot of joy to my life. Today we loved each other for our 39th year. I want it to say to her, my dear.

He watched her as she hummed to herself. She held the roses he gave her close. They were enjoying a special brunch for their anniversary. It was just the beginning of their day. He sat in his chair watching her expression. He wanted to live in this moment forever.

Their place was set up in a wonderful manner. They placed many types of flowers around to add a splash of color. It was to symbolize their love and their colorful life together.

“John what do you say sit in the living room now. I could fancy some music.”

His expression lit up.

“You know what, Winter, that sounds alright.”

John then got up and held his hand out to Winter in a gentlemanly fashion. She giggled and grabbed his hand. They strolled to the living room. Winter sat down and watched as John looked through their records.

“Ah ha!” He said as he found the right one.

He placed it in the record player and the music started playing. As the music started, he two-stepped his way back.

“Fancy, a little dance too?” John invited.

“Well, would you ever?” Winter said as she stood up.

They got close and swayed to the speed of the music. He gave her a twirl and a little dip. They both laughed as the music played. A slower song brought them closer. They held each other to the smooth rhythm.

“This song always gets me.” John says. “It makes me so happy to dance with you to it.”

“Well, this is our song after all.” Winter said as she placed her head on his shoulder.

He let out a little chuckle as they swayed to the music. As it finished, he offered to sit down.

They sat close together letting the record keep their mood. They silently enjoyed it. They talked about the parts they loved. A bright mood was about them.

“Say do you remember our first concert together.” John spoke as the record’s last song came up.

“I certainly do!” she beamed. “It was such a lively event.”

“I know it was amazing.” John smiled.

The music played as they held their conversation. The way they talked time seemed to stay with them forever. The music stopped playing as they talked.

“My It’s done!” Winter chuckled. “I enjoyed you as much as the music.”

John let out a laugh.

“Shall we put another on?” He offered.

“No. Let’s sit here for a bit. I want to enjoy you.”

“Of course.” He said.

They snugged together really close. Winter’s eyes fell onto a frame in front of them. John watched her eye as she smiled. I was a photo of them 25 years ago. She looked as happy in the photo as she does now. He smiled to himself.

“Winter…” He started. “I love you so much. In these many years. You have been the most beautiful thing in my life. No rose I’ve seen has matched your beauty. No song I’ve heard has made me smile more. Having you with me is something more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I am happy to say I am yours forever my lovely Winter.”

Winter felt tears of joy form in her eyes.

“We are very beautiful aren’t we.” She said.

They closed their eyes as the snugged very close. It was a day to cherish. Their 39th year. John and Winter looked at the frame once more.

“Here’s to another 39 more!”

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