Until You and Me by Raine Leggett

I love the thought of love. Yet something about an one that crosses planes feels weirdly magical. Take a look at this story and see.

Until You and Me by Raine Leggett

I glance in the wrong direction. I fidget and I swallow. Someone is there but I cannot see. Is it ghost or another being. I feel a chill then a warmth comes over me. I close my eyes and it is you that I see. A lovely girl with eyes as beautiful as they are clear. Is she live or is she a ghost looking at me? I feel no fear. I only want to see. Why are you not in heaven? Why do you chose to stand in front of me?

Are you lonely? Your eyes say that you are not. What is it that you see in me? You look like you want a lot. I cannot give you anything but my attention. You seem to think that is okay. A look if longing. A look of love. It’s so sweet that I almost fly away.

I go to my dreams. You await me there. I grab your hand without hesitation. We fly to the clouds and snug in our warmth. Nothing feels real. Yet my heart beats so. I feel I could leave with you. But as I wake you are gone. Should I die before time gets old, I hope you are waiting for me. As it is my love that you bloomed. Until forever. Until me and you.

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