Roses by Raine Leggett

Life after death is something of a strong topic. Does it exist or do you simply rest? In this story, I explore what it is like to have love after death. Enjoy!

Roses by Raine Leggett

The message I received from you that day was one I would always remember. It came in a whisper. One so small I could miss it. Your voice rang so beautifully for me yet, I could tell you were crying. I listened with all my heart. It gave me such peace.

So I sent for a cloud to move. To give you back your warmth. As I watch the light, your smile says you got it. I want to send you more for your words are not forgotten. I then sent for water to fill the clouds just right. A light pouring of the rain sent a serenity to your life. The green lush of the trees shone nice and bright. I watch you look at them with bliss in your eyes.

You call me another time. I hear you loud and clear. You tell me that you are alright as you talk to where I lay. You tell me that you brought some roses for me from a garden you planted one day. That they reminded you of our love.

Their wonderful shade of red brought a smile to me. I want to get them myself from the place where you left them. Instead, I watch you from above right where I left you.

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