Lockert Barnes and the Mistress of the Volcano by Raine Leggett

Here is the second story I will return to your viewing pleasure. It is a high-flying adventure in the heated environment of a volcano. Will they survive? Let’s go!

Lockert Barnes and the Mistress of the Volcano by Raine Leggett

It’s been hours since Lockert and his men landed on this island, this island of darkness and destruction. They have been in search for treasure in a long and morose forest. Trudging step by step as birds eerily chirped all around, they find themselves slowly being engulfed in this endless maze. Drawing nearer to the center if the forest, the adventurers find themselves at an entrance to a cave that seemingly led to a long dark passage.

The cave reeked of a sort of evil allure. A strong breeze blew out of the cave, stinging their faces as they looked on.

“Well…” started Lockert as he peered through the entrance, ” I wonder where these leads?”

 “I’m sure it doesn’t lead anywhere.” one of his crew said, “and I doubt we’d find food here.”

Lockert continued looking in the cave, curiosity burning through him.

“Yeah, but it’s worth a shot. Is it not?”

With that Lockert headed into the cave leaving no answers to be said.

Somewhere deep within the confines of the cave a demonic yet human like creature observed through what looked like a mirror in appearance. She was dressed in all black, fire red hair flowed to her shoulders, and her eyes hidden behind some sort of goggles.

“What have we here?” she said amusement filling her voice, ” It seems I have guests and after so long. Maybe I should greet them.”

Giggling she headed off.

The smell of ash and brimstone filled the air. The temperature rose with every inch they preceded.

“This seems too hot to just be a cave. Perhaps we should turn back?” First mate Reed said a hint of terror in his voice.

 ” Don’t worry, I think it’s just a volcano.” Lockert said.

” Sir, are you mad” One of his crew exclaimed ” Just a volcano!? We could be incinerated!”

“Don’t worry it’ll be fine. Besides this is kind of interesting.” Lockert assured his men.

“Alright then, first sign of danger we’re out of here.” Reed said knowing the adventurous nature of his captain.

 “Alright” Was the answer from Lockert as they went on.

Further into the volcano, they spotted lava. Some popped in the air one with a dangerously loud sound. Not wanting to put is men in more danger Lockert stated.

 “I think we should turn back now.”

Before anyone could act a loud explosion was heard and a cloud of dust surrounded the area.

“What’s going on!?” cried one of the crew.

The dust grew thicker and then slowly faded. Amongst the cloud of dust a dark figure arose hovering a few inches away from them. When the dust cleared, they saw her and knew it was trouble.

Floating over a pool of lava she grinned at them evilly.

 “So you’ve finally arrived.” she said with a hint of humor in her voice. ” I haven’t had guest in so long, so a really enjoy your company.”

”Who are you!?” Lockert roared, reaching for his sword.

“Well now, there’s no need to get rough.” She said with a twisted grin. ” I’m Flaea Dominia, mistress of the lava, and I reside in this great volcano.” 

Curtseying she continued, “Now then let’s play a game.”

” We will no-“

Lockert started before he narrowly dodged a ball of fire heaved at him. Everyone frantically dived not wanting to be scorched by the flames.

Flaea laughed.

“Wow you guys are pretty fast, let’s see you dodge this.”

She flung a few more at them, this time a few people caught on fire.

“Wow, look at that!”

She yelled with amusement as she watched them franticly pat out the fires. She danced around the flaming lava until she was nearly hit with an arrow.

” Take that you fiend!” One of Lockert’s crew roared as he loaded up another.

Following suit everyone let arrows fly, but to no avail.

She floated around as if in a dance recital. More arrows flew but not a one hit.

“Stand still you witch” Reed demanded.

“Alright, if you insist” Flaea said in a mocking tone as she came to a halt.

As soon as she stopped arrows once again came hurling at her aiming to hit. Raising her hand the arrows burst into flames.

“Whoops, I forgot.” She giggled in that mocking tone., “You said don’t move.”

“This is Insane! Captain, what do we do!?” A crew member frantically yelled.

Wearing expressions of distraught they turned to the captain.

“We distract her and try to get out of here as quick as possible.” The determined Lockert said as he drew is sword intent to fight.

Flaea spun around giggling like a kid in a toy store. She was clearly enjoying her new “toys”.

Lockert looked on trying to figure out how to attack her. He couldn’t just pounce at her, as she was floating over a pool of lava and that would be suicide.

Trying a different approach he yelled “Let’s play a different game!”

 The dancing demon turned obviously interested. Floating in a closer, she inquired” What kind?”

 ” King of the ring!” Lockert said, “A game were two people are in an arena and they have a little battle. Last one standing wins.”

 She beamed with excitement.

“Sounds fun.”

With that she glowed a bright red. The whole volcano began to shake.  From the pool of lava arose four platforms three of which forming steppingstones to the final larger one.

 “I’ve been waiting for something like this!” She exclaimed while blocking their exit with a rock. Obviously, she was on to the plan. She then quickly floated to their “playing field”.

“Well this is going to be hard” Lockert muttered to himself as he followed.

Nearby lava popped as they stared each other down. Both not making a move. Flaea raised her hand high in the air. Sparks rose from her palm forming a staff.

 “Alright, shall we begin?” She said.

Before he could bat an eye, she flew over with amazing speed and struck him with her staff. The blow nearly knocked him into the lava behind him. Lockert countered with a strike of his own, nearly hitting her. They swung and dodged blow after blow no one person gaining an advantage. It was then Flaea kicked it up a notch. With a back flip she spun and kicked him right in the face then landed another hard blow in the gut. Angry, Lockert swung hard with a sucker punch, catching her by surprise. She was sent flying backwards. Her goggles broke off revealing a pair of red terrifyingly eyes. She picked up her staff and cast a massive fire ball at Lockert who dodged.

The fire ball flew past him and hit the rock, unblocking the exit. Too angry to notice she flung another causing a smoke to rise up.

Using this to their advantage Lockert and his men fled out of the cave as fast as they could, leaving a frustrated cry behind them.

“They will not get away that easily.” She growled through gritted teeth.

Halfway through the woods Lockert and is men felt the ground shake and heard a terrifying explosion.  In the direction they came from lava rushed out toward them. Their feet pounded even faster as they frantically approached their ship. Moving quickly they set sail as the lava caused the water to steam behind them.

“That was close” Lockert said as he let out a long sigh of relief.

“Yeah, let’s not do that again.” Reed exhaustedly replied.

“Done.” Lockert said with a smile as they sailed off living to journey another day.

Somewhere in the volcano Flaea slammed her fist into the wall.

“Darn, they got away! Looks like I’ll have to wait a few more years for more guests to arrive. In the meantime, I’ll be fixing my goggles.”

With that, she disappeared into the darkness of the volcano.

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