Story Break: Patreon and Wattpad

Hello! I hope you all are well.

I wanted to let you know that I have updated Patreon. It is now an alternate support method to the website. Patreon will have micro fiction mainly on it. I hope that you choose to join. It would really help. I want to reach 815 people within three years. That is my first goal. Join if you like the stories and want to show your support.

I also started a Wattpad again. Fresh novel content updated as I can. There are four works in total. They are pretty neat.

There is Creep of Sanity. Inspired by the anime Death Note. A guy named Roy grabs his book of fate. What will he put in for himself?

Then there is Mirage that Holds Us. An odd romance that takes place in a pseudo-Egypt. She takes her off the street by force. Now is she captured or is there love?

I also have Azealia of the Eternal Flame. A spunky mage finds magical energy that shifts hers to an unknown element. As it is explored there is a connection to a dark mage that nearly destroyed the land.

Finally My Mission Angel. After seeing the terrible accident her girlfriend was involved in, Whitney immediately notices something isn’t right. You aren’t her! Who are you!?

Check them out on my WattPad page: Raine Leggett (@raineabelle90) – Wattpad

I really appreciate your acknowledging my work. It means so much to me. Be sure to enjoy yourselves and leave a dime or two for me! (^_^)

Here is the link to my Patreon:

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