Some Poetry

Hello! Here is some more poetry from me. They are poems of love. I love that type of poetry. Take a look at them and enjoy.

Lovely by Raine Leggett

A wonderful girl.

She is my world.

With eyes so sweet

And a lovely smile.

I beam so bright

when she’s in sight.

A woman like you

Is a blessing on high

Her Eyes by Raine Leggett

Beauty to behold.

Violets don’t compare.

Her eyes are like crystals.

They fade my despair.

As I swim in her gaze,

I’m left with something mystical.

A love like no other.

Saying it isn’t quite difficult.

I love her eyes.

They have a beautiful hue.

As I gaze at them fondly, 

I say, “I love you.”

You and I By. Raine Leggett

Me and you are one and true.

Our love shines through and through.

My lovely girl, It’s you and I.

Our love won’t fade as it soars sky high.


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