Flash Fiction Friday: Faded Beauty by Raine Leggett

Hello! I have one more for you today. It is a flash fiction called faded beauty. Some time things can be taken for granted. If we take time to appreciate them again a wonderful thing can happen.

Faded Beauty by Raine Leggett

I’ve been thinking for some time. How long has it been since we were close? It seems that a distance greater than I can see has placed itself before us. I rarely see you smile. I rarely show my own. Yet it doesn’t make me cry. Only thoughts of what’s left is in my mind.

So I sit to myself. I wonder if there is still us. With that on my mind, I see a fog in front of me. It seems to be beauty that faded in time. Is it you or me? Maybe it is us. What we used to be. I wish it was gone. I want to be free.

I close me eyes and say a few words. I never thought that they would be heard. “Let’s start over.” Is the answer I get. With you in front of me honest and sincere. You’re eyes show a hope. A twinkle that lifts me high. I want to say “Yes.” So I try.

Beauty may fade but it still remains true. I never thought it would feel the same. Hearing the words “I love you.”. Tears flow. They fall real sweet. More fall from your cheeks and together we weep. We are not gone. Only nearly forgotten. Our love still shines. It just we almost lost it.

So we sit together. Rolling with the times. Only thoughts of each other in our minds. I snug close to you. You put your head on mine. Love is our warmth. With you it is fine.

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