Flash Fiction Friday!

Hello! I want to start sharing more flash fiction again. So I’ve decided to have Flash fiction Friday. It will feature flash fiction from me. To start it off I will share with you two stories of love. Check them out!

That Love that is Eternity by Raine Leggett

The fluttering sound of wings echoes in the distance. She is heading home to paradise. She won’t return. She flies further away. What do I do but sprout wings too? Away from Earth and straight to you.

We circle the sun. We pass the stars. We float in bliss. Our love has only begun. A heavenly beauty that is you and me. We stay in our embrace. A sort of reverie. As light guides us, we head home. To paradise and beyond.

We are two angels who won’t part with each other. We are two angels who will stay together. As we stay up on high. We will be together when we return to life. The gap will be vexing. Yet our love will continue. Two beautiful souls will live again as love. The one that is me and you.

Time passes and two beauties meet. She and I. She is me and I am her. I feel our love. So familiar and sweet. Is a gift that continues living.

A Love Returned by Raine Leggett

A wonderful thing has happened. I found love that was returned for me. My heart soars in reverie. It’s love! A love for me. I watch the clouds humming to myself. I feel as if I’m up there too. Maybe the ninth one is where I’m at.

I skip down a long road. One lined with roses. I stop to look around and fill my sight with colors. A love for me is what I got. A love for me returned. I cry tears of happiness. Warmth flows through me. My heart soars and thumps. My love does that to me.

A wonderful thing is here, and it is love for me.

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