Cecily’s Apprentice: Fiona

I give you all the first of Cecily’s Apprentice. We meet a woman named Fiona and see her mysterious potential. You chilled the whole town!? Interesting… The town came into view. The sun was beginning to peak from the clouds. Many were still bundled up. She could hear murmurs about the snow’s disappearance. She chuckledContinue reading “Cecily’s Apprentice: Fiona”

Story Break! I introduce you to Cecily!

Hello all. Remember when I said there will be a set of one-shots that will be series-like? Well, here it is! I introduce to you Cecily’s Apprentice. I will be an adventure type of a sort. The guardian of the north forest gains an apprentice. She will show her the way of magic and findContinue reading “Story Break! I introduce you to Cecily!”

A Warmth that Lights the Night by Raine Leggett

Staying on schedule is a bit shaky right now. However, I still bring you a story. This is a flash fiction about finding light in your sadness. I felt it was something cool to write. I love this subject and I hope you do too. Enjoy! A Warmth that Lights the Night by Raine LeggettContinue reading “A Warmth that Lights the Night by Raine Leggett”