Story Break: Patreon and Wattpad

Hello! I hope you all are well. I wanted to let you know that I have updated Patreon. It is now an alternate support method to the website. Patreon will have micro fiction mainly on it. I hope that you choose to join. It would really help. I want to reach 815 people within threeContinue reading “Story Break: Patreon and Wattpad”

Story Break! I introduce you to Cecily!

Hello all. Remember when I said there will be a set of one-shots that will be series-like? Well, here it is! I introduce to you Cecily’s Apprentice. I will be an adventure type of a sort. The guardian of the north forest gains an apprentice. She will show her the way of magic and findContinue reading “Story Break! I introduce you to Cecily!”

Return of Story Break

Hello all! I have decided to return Story Break. It will just feature announcements and other musings. I will start this one by announcing plans for the website content. I will now feature three short stories a week. It is a challenge to get these done but I want to share with all of you.Continue reading “Return of Story Break”