Hi from me, Raine

My name is Raine, and I am a huge fan of storytelling. I have grown up with a love of daydreaming. Daydreaming has always been a way to refuel and recharge. I am an avid fan of rest and relaxation. I’ve always believed a good tale can go a long way.

I follow a trail of dreams in my head to create tales that create an emotion of bliss. Stories have been my travel companion through life for as long as I’ve remembered. A good story can take me as far as the sky and beyond.

I have longed to be a writer since I was a little girl. I remember drawing a comic of a popular show as a 5-year-old and my uncle said he was going to publish it. I cried tears of joy. My wish to be published for my own stories began there. By the age of 6, I won 2nd place in a PTA reflection contest. By third grade, I became in love with literature and fell in love with a series of children’s poems. Poetry took a firm place in my heart.

In high school, I entered a poetry contest with a poem called My Own Abyss. It was immediately sent to the final round. However, as you grow older real-world emotions set in and doubts of your own abilities are more real. I looked at a prize of one million dollars and quit feeling it wasn’t good enough. I doubted if it was a real contest. Even so in my heart, I felt as if I was selling myself short.

I’ve struggled with my desire to write and folding myself into the life of office jobs. However, part of being a writer is believing in your own storytelling.

As I introduce you to the world of the budding author, I invite you to enjoy my early work. As you delve into my world, I invite you to enjoy the poem I sold short.

My Own Abyss
by Raine Leggett

Surrounded by darkness, I try to escape
I with an emotionless expression
Upon my face, what do I do, but
remember you, those times you scolded,
laughed, and hate

I drown in a river of my own tears,
slowly being consumed by my fears.
burning with hatred from remembrance
of you, with a stake in my heart
piercing through and through.

You denied me life and corrupted my
soul, with all that nonsense you seem
to hold, wanting nothing but
the end of my soul.

Now here I lie in my own abyss,
clenching my fist at the thought of
you, standing there laughing as
 I slowly drown in my abyss.

Check out the book that inspired me as I was growing up by Shel Silverstein. Falling Up.

Flash Fiction Friday: A Glass Half Empty by Raine Leggett

Hello, all! Here is a story about loss. Loss of love that is. It is such a complicated feeling. When you realize it is gone, you really don’t know what to feel. I tried to capture this emotion in this story. Enjoy!

A Glass Half Empty by Raine Leggett

Looking into the glass, I find myself looking at something half empty. It’s weird. In this moment, I should be happy. She is my friend after all. She found something dear so I should be happy.

Even so this glass looks almost empty. I want to fill it up but I might seem greedy. So I stare at it with an almost sadness. I don’t want to touch it as I already feel I drank too much.

They call for us to raise our glasses. I lift mine high but now it feels too much. What do I do but force a smile. I feel so silly holding this glass.

I place it down with out drinking more. Before I see her coming my way. “Congratulations.” Is what I force out my lips. She smiles and says “I’m glad you were here for this.”

I pick up my glass and chug it all down. One drink together was what we had. Then she is off into his arms. My newlywed friend is now all gone.

So now my glass is empt. I cry when we part ways. My glass is now empty so I run away. I leave the room with my head as low as I can. I cover my face with my own tears. Tomorrow will come. Yet she will belong to him,

I fill my glass to the brim. I slowly sip as I take it all in. As it empties, I start to cry. Don’t get me wrong, he is a lovable guy. Still I wish she were mine.

So now I sit here with my glass half empty. I pour it out slowly and watch it drain away. Now the glass is empty. Just like my heart. The only difference is it hasn’t broken apart.

Flash Fiction Friday: To Miss You by Raine Leggett

Here it is again! Flash fiction Friday! I have a story for you all called “To Miss You”. It is a story of longing. Another type of story I like to write. “Before I drift of to sleep I’ll ask that you are mine eventually.” Enjoy!

To Miss You by Raine Leggett

Awake in my mind, I count the times that I have missed you. More then the sheep that drift me to sleep. Every hour I wish you were with me. I close my eyes and see an image of you. You are lovely. One of a kind. A vision of beauty. I wish you were mine.

Every day I wonder if you see me, too. I wonder if there is love that lingers in your heart. Is it for me or has it already gone? I want to know if I could speak to you. A “hello” is all I need from you. What else could I say as my love is so strong you might run away. I still want to say it someday soon. I want to tell you “I love you.”

So I keep my eyes close and watch you fade. Tears form as you do. I want to be with you. So I say a few words and let myself weep. “Please be with me. Forever and ever we’ll soar. My heart for you and yours for me.” 

As sleep carries me off, I imagine us. If your warmth is what I think it is, I will be in bliss. Until I feel it, It is you that I miss.

Poems to start the week

Hello! I would like to share some poetry with all of you to start your week. I feel like this is something I want to start doing on Mondays in addition to short stories. I’ll find my rhythm with those by the way. Until then enjoy some poems today.

Laugh by Raine Leggett

Joking as I see you.

I want to make you laugh.

It sends me high.

It simply electrifies.

My joy of you is true.

I wish to tell you even more.

I’ll send you flying with my punchline.

You’ll land in my arms over time.

So I keep you laughing.

It is simply fine.

The merriness that is you and I

Beautiful by Raine Leggett

Gorgeous as the green after rain.

Simple beauty like the flowers that grow.

A glow so bright the sun is challenged.

You are the one that I love.

Sweet as the molasses that dance on my tongue.

Sincere as a poem of confession.

A work of art that says beauty a million ways.

I’ll love you for all my days.

Flash Fiction Friday: Faded Beauty by Raine Leggett

Hello! I have one more for you today. It is a flash fiction called faded beauty. Some time things can be taken for granted. If we take time to appreciate them again a wonderful thing can happen.

Faded Beauty by Raine Leggett

I’ve been thinking for some time. How long has it been since we were close? It seems that a distance greater than I can see has placed itself before us. I rarely see you smile. I rarely show my own. Yet it doesn’t make me cry. Only thoughts of what’s left is in my mind.

So I sit to myself. I wonder if there is still us. With that on my mind, I see a fog in front of me. It seems to be beauty that faded in time. Is it you or me? Maybe it is us. What we used to be. I wish it was gone. I want to be free.

I close me eyes and say a few words. I never thought that they would be heard. “Let’s start over.” Is the answer I get. With you in front of me honest and sincere. You’re eyes show a hope. A twinkle that lifts me high. I want to say “Yes.” So I try.

Beauty may fade but it still remains true. I never thought it would feel the same. Hearing the words “I love you.”. Tears flow. They fall real sweet. More fall from your cheeks and together we weep. We are not gone. Only nearly forgotten. Our love still shines. It just we almost lost it.

So we sit together. Rolling with the times. Only thoughts of each other in our minds. I snug close to you. You put your head on mine. Love is our warmth. With you it is fine.

Flash Fiction Friday!

Hello! I want to start sharing more flash fiction again. So I’ve decided to have Flash fiction Friday. It will feature flash fiction from me. To start it off I will share with you two stories of love. Check them out!

That Love that is Eternity by Raine Leggett

The fluttering sound of wings echoes in the distance. She is heading home to paradise. She won’t return. She flies further away. What do I do but sprout wings too? Away from Earth and straight to you.

We circle the sun. We pass the stars. We float in bliss. Our love has only begun. A heavenly beauty that is you and me. We stay in our embrace. A sort of reverie. As light guides us, we head home. To paradise and beyond.

We are two angels who won’t part with each other. We are two angels who will stay together. As we stay up on high. We will be together when we return to life. The gap will be vexing. Yet our love will continue. Two beautiful souls will live again as love. The one that is me and you.

Time passes and two beauties meet. She and I. She is me and I am her. I feel our love. So familiar and sweet. Is a gift that continues living.

A Love Returned by Raine Leggett

A wonderful thing has happened. I found love that was returned for me. My heart soars in reverie. It’s love! A love for me. I watch the clouds humming to myself. I feel as if I’m up there too. Maybe the ninth one is where I’m at.

I skip down a long road. One lined with roses. I stop to look around and fill my sight with colors. A love for me is what I got. A love for me returned. I cry tears of happiness. Warmth flows through me. My heart soars and thumps. My love does that to me.

A wonderful thing is here, and it is love for me.