To My Peace by Raine Leggett

Losing someone close to you is one of the most painful things to bear. As you cope you want to stay strong. In this piece, the weight of it began to crumble the mind. A struggle ensues for their well-being. Please enjoy.

To My Peace by Raine Leggett

A lost voice called from above. It rang throughout my mind more than a thousand times. Its sound hollow yet sweet. I want to answer it. I want to hear more. Yet as I listen it becomes so familiar. This voice I know it. This voice is dear to me.

My head swims until it goes dark. An abyss surrounds me. A cold takes hold. I follow my eyes to a light up ahead. An end of this void is what I hope. A loud thunder. A loud pain. A loud screaming. A terror unfolds. I want to leave. I want to vanish. I open my eyes and see my own room.  A dim light greets me. A storm brews with yells from God. I catch my breath to find my sanity.

Lighting flashes. My lights flicker. I rock to myself as my peace flees me. I cry louder than the shower of rain. I want to hold you again in my pain. I’ve lost my mind since you have left me. My only comfort is when I cry. I lay my head after a prayer. To my sleep is where I flee. A darkness blankets me to my peace.

As I drift a dream comes to me. It is so familiar. A lovely memory. My hand is grasped by your warm touch. We walk to our own speed in life. I see your smile and watch your eyes. A sadness forms and I began to cry. From my dream, my tears awake me. I so clasp my hand and these words leave my lips.

“I miss you so. Why did they take you? I want you back. Our time was short. If only I could hold you or walk by your side. My dear, I need you. Have mercy Lord and soothe my soul.” As we should never have said goodbye.”

The storm wanes. The light of the sun peaks through. I pull myself up and look out the window. The clouds where you rest is where I stare. I hope you are happy where you rest up there. I’ll pray to my peace. Until we meet again.

Forever with Me by Raine Leggett

This piece is a dialog piece. A bit of call and answer if you will. As I think of someone strong, I think of someone with high self worth. Sometimes one can become too arrogant at who the need. Self worth can mean I don’t need anyone to some. This piece explores a love for such person and a wish for it to be returned. Take a read and enjoy.

Forever with Me by. Raine Leggett

“I have always been mine. Until death frees me of this skin. I have always been mine. You can not interfere. Your soul will not reach me. I will remain true. I am my strongest ally and my best lover too. I will see my events further than you.  My soul is mine forever it’s true.”

If you say so, do you believe it true? What harmony do you hold or is it fear of “I love you.”? Will you take my challenge and open up a bit? I’ll free you with death and then we can sit. For eternity maybe or as long as we can sit. What say you to that. Let me love you a bit.

“What am I offended by? Your statement to kill me or that you will offer more. I hold my head up just fine alone. I need no more than that. It is why I chose to be alone. Your efforts are in vein. Your gaze will not beat me. Go to your clouds and rest with yourself. Follow me not as I can handle myself.”

Yet I gaze at you freely. No need for such temper. I’ll stay with you as you do seem strong. If you can ignore me then I won’t leave. I’ll watch you to my content. As you will be with me.

“Do as you must. Watch as you please. However, expect no more than what you have seen. I belong to me.”

Then I will stay here. I will not leave. Your gaze will find me and I will hold it close. You need not scowl as you have not been beaten. Only moved to see someone like me. Just watch me close and you will see, you have not met someone like me.

“But I need not know you as I am someone far better. If you can please me, then show me your world. As it must be something to have one with such bravado. If you can move me, then let’s see you try. For I am someone who can stand the test of time. Will you be gone fast after I see who you are? Or are you a crook with no care for others? A crook who will seize me and just keep me for you.”

Why not. I want to have you for me. Be you then do it for you and me. I’ll have that person the one you covet so. Call me a crook or a stealthy thief. But call me a lover in time when you like. Open your arms so I can be held tight. I will squeeze you so until the stars are high.

“You move me well. I will share myself with you. Or maybe you will be mine and I will still have me too.”

With Warmth by Raine Leggett

Hello everyone! This is a small piece I’ve written about comfort in solitude. Solitude can come in many forms. Walking is one of my favorite things to do for peace of mind and health. As I walk I feel calm. This piece is an symbolism of that. Please enjoy reading!

With Warmth by Raine Leggett

Walking in the park, I find myself wondering. My mind drifts my eyes to the clouds. Shapes form as I see them. I take a breath of the crisp air. A few more steps and I clear my head. I walk even more with the warmth of the sun. Its rays shine down upon my soul.

Flowers now line my path. Their beautiful hue takes me aback. A sense of happiness fills my heart. A wonderful day begins to unfold. This walk in the park helps me relax.

As I stretch my arms over my head, a gentle breeze caress me again. The sun now drifts closer to earth.  A beautiful hue now fills the sky.

An end of the day now takes me back. My lovely walk brings peace of mind. The sun falls and brings in night. I end my day with thoughts of warmth.

To me a lovely day has ended. Tomorrow I rise to a new beginning.