Cecily’s Apprentice: Apprentice

Hello all! As I get into the swing of things, I kinda slowed down. I know it is soon but I’ll still try to update as regularly as possible.

Here is the next part of Cecily’s Apprentice. We see their first session of the magic lessons. “Let’s see what you got.”

Cecily’s Apprentice: Apprentice

The next morning had come. A loud knock could be heard on the door. Cecily was sitting to herself pondering her newly accepted role. She got up to answer the door to which she was immediately greeted with a loud “Good morning” from Fiona.

“Yeah… Not so loud but good morning to you too.” Cecily said blinking.

“Oh sorry.” Fiona blushed. “I was just really excited about this.”

“Sure. I’ll just have to get use to you.” Cecily said a bit softer.

“Now then I want to see what your skill set is in terms of magic.”

Fiona jumped with joy.

“Alright then let’s go a bit out of town to practice.”

They walked out the hotel room as the attendant greeted them. It was a warm sunny day. The people of the town seemed cheery. Much more than the other day. They made their way out of town following a long path.

“Alright this should do.” Cecily said as she looked around.

They were in a clearance just on the outskirts of town. Cecily set up at the south most part of it. She pulled out scrolls with magic scribed on it.

“What are those?” Fiona asked curiously.

“They are just old spells. Very basic in nature.” Cecily explained.

“Oh really?” Fiona said.

“Yes. I am going to teach you how to summon them. The level of execution of the spell will tell me your skill level.” Cecily continued.

Fiona perked up in excitement.

“Okay take this one first.”

Cecily handed Fiona a scroll with blue letters scribed on it.

“This is a simple water spell. It summons water in three different forms. The first form is a mass of water. It is just water in general. The second is more difficult. It is a water bubble. And the last way is a directed water stream. It’s water that flows at the user’s direct will.”

Fiona looked at it closely. She saw where the word broke up into three neat paragraphs. Then it was written in an old looking font. The commands were simple in wording.

“I’ll start with the first one. Chant the command then put out an energy in the form of water nature. That energy is a magic flow with a shift to the lower half of you magic line. The south magic channel if you will. As it is a main element the south most channel is what you will use.”

Cecily paused to let Fiona retain this information.

“As you get better the command can be called out in the simpler form. Like in the case of the first spell, you would say “Command One.” as you hold the scroll of the said command.” The rest is up to your magical memory. That develops over time as you naturally mold to the spell.”

Fiona shook her head as she listened.

“Now then if you get it, let’s start.” Cecily said.

“Right.” Fiona said.

“Repeat after me and place your energy through you and the scroll.”

Fiona readied herself.

Command One: Water Form Before Me. Take Shape!”

Fiona repeated those words and did as Cecily told her.

The scroll began to glow. In small orb, water began to form in front of her before expanding into a mass. It grew wide before stopping in a rather large mass.

“Very good.” Cecily said. “I’m impressed.”

Fiona felt relief.

“Thank you.” She said. “I’m used to casting spells a bit. So the concept is there.”

“I see. It shows. This is an impressive showing for the first time on scrolls.” Cecily said.

Fiona handed the scroll back to Cecily.

“Keep it. These will aid you in your training with me.” Cecily said.


“Yes. You are my apprentice after all.” Cecily said.

“Thank you!” Fiona beamed.

“Now then let’s finish this training.” Cecily said.

“Alright that should do it.” Cecily said as she stopped them.

Fiona wiped her brow in exhaustion.

“We can head back to town now.” Cecily said. “Let’s get some much needed rest and relax to a drink.”

“As long as we can eat too. I’m in.” Fiona said.

“Hah hah, right food too. And it’s on me.” Cecily said heartily.

They headed back to town. They took their time strolling through town. The tavern they visited yesterday came into view.

“Let’s stop here. I’m wanting more of that liquor I had the other day.” Cecily motioned.

“Alright!” Fiona beamed.

They went into the tavern. Some of the locals looked up and greeted them. Cecily found them a seat. She was ready to start drinking.

The bartender arrived in front of her.

“You local’s finest and a Pasta of the house.” Cecily said.

“I’ll also have pasta and I’ll have a tea.” Fiona added.

“Right, coming up.” The bartender said with a pleasant smile.

It didn’t take long for them to be served. The pasta was their specialty, it had one of the most amazing sauces Cecily has tasted. It went perfectly with their wine.

Cecily sipped her wine slowly before turning to her pasta. She took it in in small bites wanting to savor every bit of it. She was happy. It was strange being a master but with an apprentice like Fiona, she got a very good work out. What’s more is she didn’t mind the company.

“Mmm.” Fiona said to herself as she drank her tea.

She then looked at Cecily.

“Try this tea blend to relax when you get a chance. It’s good and stimulates the brain well.”

“Hmm?” Cecily said as she turned her attention to Fiona. “I will take that into consideration for my next drink. I just love my wine after all.”

“Alright.” Fiona beamed.

They finished up at the tavern. Cecily picked up the bill. They headed out into town. Fiona looked at Cecily.

“Now what do you want to do?”

“That’s a good question.” Cecily said in thought.

She paused for a second before continuing.

“Let’s head back to my town. I need to go home and prepare more for your training. There are many things I can teach you. It will never be enough but if you are willing to learn I will teach you as much as I can.”

Fiona smiled brightly before thinking to herself.

“Hey! Can live with you?” Fiona asked with bright eyes.

Cecily paused a bit not taken aback. She figured this probably would be the best arrangement.

“If you don’t mind.” Cecily said. “Cottage can fit two.”

“Yay!” Fiona clapped. “Then from now on I am your apprentice. Thank you for Having me!”

“Good. Then let’s get along. I’m happy to have you.”

Some Poetry

Hello! Here is some more poetry from me. They are poems of love. I love that type of poetry. Take a look at them and enjoy.

Lovely by Raine Leggett

A wonderful girl.

She is my world.

With eyes so sweet

And a lovely smile.

I beam so bright

when she’s in sight.

A woman like you

Is a blessing on high

Her Eyes by Raine Leggett

Beauty to behold.

Violets don’t compare.

Her eyes are like crystals.

They fade my despair.

As I swim in her gaze,

I’m left with something mystical.

A love like no other.

Saying it isn’t quite difficult.

I love her eyes.

They have a beautiful hue.

As I gaze at them fondly, 

I say, “I love you.”

You and I By. Raine Leggett

Me and you are one and true.

Our love shines through and through.

My lovely girl, It’s you and I.

Our love won’t fade as it soars sky high.


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I also have Azealia of the Eternal Flame. A spunky mage finds magical energy that shifts hers to an unknown element. As it is explored there is a connection to a dark mage that nearly destroyed the land.

Finally My Mission Angel. After seeing the terrible accident her girlfriend was involved in, Whitney immediately notices something isn’t right. You aren’t her! Who are you!?

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Lockert Barnes and the Mistress of the Volcano by Raine Leggett

Here is the second story I will return to your viewing pleasure. It is a high-flying adventure in the heated environment of a volcano. Will they survive? Let’s go!

Lockert Barnes and the Mistress of the Volcano by Raine Leggett

It’s been hours since Lockert and his men landed on this island, this island of darkness and destruction. They have been in search for treasure in a long and morose forest. Trudging step by step as birds eerily chirped all around, they find themselves slowly being engulfed in this endless maze. Drawing nearer to the center if the forest, the adventurers find themselves at an entrance to a cave that seemingly led to a long dark passage.

The cave reeked of a sort of evil allure. A strong breeze blew out of the cave, stinging their faces as they looked on.

“Well…” started Lockert as he peered through the entrance, ” I wonder where these leads?”

 “I’m sure it doesn’t lead anywhere.” one of his crew said, “and I doubt we’d find food here.”

Lockert continued looking in the cave, curiosity burning through him.

“Yeah, but it’s worth a shot. Is it not?”

With that Lockert headed into the cave leaving no answers to be said.

Somewhere deep within the confines of the cave a demonic yet human like creature observed through what looked like a mirror in appearance. She was dressed in all black, fire red hair flowed to her shoulders, and her eyes hidden behind some sort of goggles.

“What have we here?” she said amusement filling her voice, ” It seems I have guests and after so long. Maybe I should greet them.”

Giggling she headed off.

The smell of ash and brimstone filled the air. The temperature rose with every inch they preceded.

“This seems too hot to just be a cave. Perhaps we should turn back?” First mate Reed said a hint of terror in his voice.

 ” Don’t worry, I think it’s just a volcano.” Lockert said.

” Sir, are you mad” One of his crew exclaimed ” Just a volcano!? We could be incinerated!”

“Don’t worry it’ll be fine. Besides this is kind of interesting.” Lockert assured his men.

“Alright then, first sign of danger we’re out of here.” Reed said knowing the adventurous nature of his captain.

 “Alright” Was the answer from Lockert as they went on.

Further into the volcano, they spotted lava. Some popped in the air one with a dangerously loud sound. Not wanting to put is men in more danger Lockert stated.

 “I think we should turn back now.”

Before anyone could act a loud explosion was heard and a cloud of dust surrounded the area.

“What’s going on!?” cried one of the crew.

The dust grew thicker and then slowly faded. Amongst the cloud of dust a dark figure arose hovering a few inches away from them. When the dust cleared, they saw her and knew it was trouble.

Floating over a pool of lava she grinned at them evilly.

 “So you’ve finally arrived.” she said with a hint of humor in her voice. ” I haven’t had guest in so long, so a really enjoy your company.”

”Who are you!?” Lockert roared, reaching for his sword.

“Well now, there’s no need to get rough.” She said with a twisted grin. ” I’m Flaea Dominia, mistress of the lava, and I reside in this great volcano.” 

Curtseying she continued, “Now then let’s play a game.”

” We will no-“

Lockert started before he narrowly dodged a ball of fire heaved at him. Everyone frantically dived not wanting to be scorched by the flames.

Flaea laughed.

“Wow you guys are pretty fast, let’s see you dodge this.”

She flung a few more at them, this time a few people caught on fire.

“Wow, look at that!”

She yelled with amusement as she watched them franticly pat out the fires. She danced around the flaming lava until she was nearly hit with an arrow.

” Take that you fiend!” One of Lockert’s crew roared as he loaded up another.

Following suit everyone let arrows fly, but to no avail.

She floated around as if in a dance recital. More arrows flew but not a one hit.

“Stand still you witch” Reed demanded.

“Alright, if you insist” Flaea said in a mocking tone as she came to a halt.

As soon as she stopped arrows once again came hurling at her aiming to hit. Raising her hand the arrows burst into flames.

“Whoops, I forgot.” She giggled in that mocking tone., “You said don’t move.”

“This is Insane! Captain, what do we do!?” A crew member frantically yelled.

Wearing expressions of distraught they turned to the captain.

“We distract her and try to get out of here as quick as possible.” The determined Lockert said as he drew is sword intent to fight.

Flaea spun around giggling like a kid in a toy store. She was clearly enjoying her new “toys”.

Lockert looked on trying to figure out how to attack her. He couldn’t just pounce at her, as she was floating over a pool of lava and that would be suicide.

Trying a different approach he yelled “Let’s play a different game!”

 The dancing demon turned obviously interested. Floating in a closer, she inquired” What kind?”

 ” King of the ring!” Lockert said, “A game were two people are in an arena and they have a little battle. Last one standing wins.”

 She beamed with excitement.

“Sounds fun.”

With that she glowed a bright red. The whole volcano began to shake.  From the pool of lava arose four platforms three of which forming steppingstones to the final larger one.

 “I’ve been waiting for something like this!” She exclaimed while blocking their exit with a rock. Obviously, she was on to the plan. She then quickly floated to their “playing field”.

“Well this is going to be hard” Lockert muttered to himself as he followed.

Nearby lava popped as they stared each other down. Both not making a move. Flaea raised her hand high in the air. Sparks rose from her palm forming a staff.

 “Alright, shall we begin?” She said.

Before he could bat an eye, she flew over with amazing speed and struck him with her staff. The blow nearly knocked him into the lava behind him. Lockert countered with a strike of his own, nearly hitting her. They swung and dodged blow after blow no one person gaining an advantage. It was then Flaea kicked it up a notch. With a back flip she spun and kicked him right in the face then landed another hard blow in the gut. Angry, Lockert swung hard with a sucker punch, catching her by surprise. She was sent flying backwards. Her goggles broke off revealing a pair of red terrifyingly eyes. She picked up her staff and cast a massive fire ball at Lockert who dodged.

The fire ball flew past him and hit the rock, unblocking the exit. Too angry to notice she flung another causing a smoke to rise up.

Using this to their advantage Lockert and his men fled out of the cave as fast as they could, leaving a frustrated cry behind them.

“They will not get away that easily.” She growled through gritted teeth.

Halfway through the woods Lockert and is men felt the ground shake and heard a terrifying explosion.  In the direction they came from lava rushed out toward them. Their feet pounded even faster as they frantically approached their ship. Moving quickly they set sail as the lava caused the water to steam behind them.

“That was close” Lockert said as he let out a long sigh of relief.

“Yeah, let’s not do that again.” Reed exhaustedly replied.

“Done.” Lockert said with a smile as they sailed off living to journey another day.

Somewhere in the volcano Flaea slammed her fist into the wall.

“Darn, they got away! Looks like I’ll have to wait a few more years for more guests to arrive. In the meantime, I’ll be fixing my goggles.”

With that, she disappeared into the darkness of the volcano.

The Moon that Lights My Eyes by Raine Leggett

If you have been here I’m sure you recognize this story. I have decided to unenroll from Kindle Unlimited and this is one of the stories I will return to you.

When I see you in my dreams, I fly sky high. I want to sleep forever as long as you are in my mind.

The Moon that Lights My Eyes by Raine Leggett

The only thing I love is the dreams I go to when I sleep. I watch the stars glowing high in the sky just before I close my eyes. The twinkling soothes me in a lullaby. The moon is bright and high in the sky. I watch it close with hopes it beams dreams so sweet I’ll have you with me.

Darkness falls before me. I never panic as it does because shortly after a picture unfolds. It’s so vivid my eyes light up immediately. What will I see today? Where will I go in time? Are you there too? Excitement fills me.

I see clouds form in front of me. I want to rest on one, so I leap up into the sky. I land so soft and bounce into a gentle rest. I eye the sky, but the sun is not in sight. Instead, the moon now smiles on its side. The sky is lit with its beams instead. I lay down as the cloud floats me further. Where am I going? Is it adventure time now? My cloud changes shape into a ship. I grab the wheel and take a spin.

I sail the sky past the clouds. My cloud ship steady ahead. I see a sea of stars flickering ahead. Millions and millions beyond my eyes.  I speed towards them in great excitement. They glow green as I approach and many of them start to streak. I halt my ship and make a wish. “I want to stay here and sail away.”

The light glows brighter and clears the way. I grab hold as my ship moves and away I go with a zoom. I sail faster than the stars streak. I pass a twilight twinkling around. As I do I see a moon. One so different. One so bright. I want to go to it so a steer my ship to it.

I land on that moon. My ship fading as I do. A light rain pours as I land. A beautiful plant grows to meet me. I slide down and enjoy a good splash. I explore with a bounce for every step. I run and jump so high I float down in a drift. This is so lovely. I want to cry. I’ll explore more in this dream of mine.

I watch the sky and a ship appears. I see the piolet and It’s you, my dear. You wave at me and beam a smile for me. I wave back as you land near me. I climb aboard as you ask me to come with you. Yet as I do the light fades. Darkness falls and I wake up to the sun. I’m in my room. I feel my joy wane. I want to stay with you.

The light of the moon has my room bright. I roll to my side and close my eyes. I wish again that I could be with you. A vivid light brings me to a beach. Waves splash against the shores. I run to them to wet my feet. I jump around in my joy. I find a pail and a shovel too. I then hear “Do these belong to you?”

I turn to see you again. A joy washes over me. Let’s build a sandcastle just you and me. We pick a spot along the beach. We dig together just you and me. I build a turret you build a wall. I build a bridge; you place a flag. Our castle is full of fun. A shell here and there. A moat all around. We smile together but the brightness comes back.

The Sun fills my room but I’m happy now. I’ll see you soon my wonderful girl. Until then I enter the world. And when I do, I’ll remember you. The times we have will get me through. My love for you will help me win. So goodnight to you and the moon too. Goodnight my love I’ll see you soon.

I watch the time as I sit in bed. The evening sky begins to fade. What do I see? The first star of the night. I stare at its beauty a make a wish. I want to see you again in my dreams. I bliss flows over me as more stars appear. I close my eyes and drift into the dark. I fall onto a fluffy cloud. Its softness soothes me as I lay. The sky was an evening orange with stars dancing all around. What are those silly things doing up there? They twinkle on and off and circle by each other in glee.

As I watch one fall to the ground, I leave my cloud to see if it is alright. It tells me “I am fine. Now I owe you a wish. Pick one, my dear.” So I wish for you right away. In a dazzling light, you appear in front of me. I see your smile so wide and bright. You say hi and look at the sight. The stars twinkled up high. The little star glows with all its might and tells us, “Now let’s fly!” We glow with sparkles. You grab my hand. “Let’s go!” you shout and away we go.

We blast into the sky with all our might. We shoot past the stars and zip and fly. The sky was so lovely. I can’t believe my eyes. You let go in your vigor to fly further away. I lose sight of you the light in the way. I wake up crying. I lost you again. I sit up to dry my eyes. A glass of water will help me calm. I drink some a sip at a time. I return to bed a close my eyes.

I darkness surrounds me yet again. I’m moving fast through the sky. Where am I? On a train? Yet I see no windows or no walls. I look down to see a shape so familiar. It’s a star! I zip past the sky past a great moon. I see a person and say hey it’s you! You look as if you made a wish. I find myself fade in a zip.

I come to and see I’m with you. “Hey! I just wished for you!” I hear these words and a smile in bliss. You ask me to follow you to a café’ this time. We run with steps as light as feathers. I see a place that stands up tall. Floating ponds and rock the shine. We’re met with a gentle who smile upside down. He says its no frown and “Forgive me now. This place will serve you its finest moonshine. Take it in and find your shine.”

I follow you in. You say sit down. The drinks are there and glowing glasses. I take a sip and fall from my chair. I’m in bed now I want so much more. I roll to my side. I want to sleep but will you be there? I calm myself from my frustration. Sleep takes me yet again. Hopefully, I see that moon again.

I look around shortly after I drifted. A shadowy forest is where I lay. It’s dark and yet it’s so bright. A little frog hops by my side. It carried a stone that glew very bright. It looked at me and dropped its stone. It motioned for me to take the stone. I pick it up and it begins to shine. The forest clears before my eyes. Many stars float in the sky. One shoots by very close. As it does the stone glows brighter. I close my eyes for another wish but as I do the stone’s light consumes me. I teleport faster than I can wish. I see a castle grand and beautiful. I look in awe and see it’s ours. Run for it as the bridge lowers. A bright light shines and the sun is here.

“My castle!” I weep as the sun bathes me. I had hoped you were there. I watch the light come through my room. Maybe tomorrow I’ll see you soon.

I rushed through the day. It could have gone better. I sit and wait for the sun’s light to fade. The stars eventually show one by one. A hope that I will find you again fills my heart. I’ll follow the moon until you are here. The stars will line my path. I close my eye to its bright beams. However, what passes my lips is a prayer instead of a wish.

The place I awake to is desolate and empty. Tears fill my eyes. Enough to flood this desert. “Where are you?” is all I think. “Let’s build a sandcastle together.” I look around and no signs of you. I walk until I see a turtle. It held a smile in its mouth. It asked, “Are you lost too?” I nodded it as I feel so blue. It offers a walk. So I follow it to nowhere. I trudge along until we find green. An oasis lays ahead of me.

I run to it. I take a dive. The water went over my head. I fell into it flowing free. A cool blue washed over me. It felt so calm. It brought a serenity. I let myself fall into this endless stream. As I drifted a light came to my feet. It flooded my view and I woke up on a beach.

I look around with excitement. I see you sitting to yourself. You turn to me, yet your face was gone. I yell in fear before the moonlight wakes my eyes. I’m in my room cold and shivering. It’s not fair what happened to you?” I weep to myself before I sing a simple song.

I feel all blue. When I’m not with you.

I lovely lady. For another one too.

I want to hold you until I yawn. Instead, I sleep until the dawn.

One day I’ll say a love you again.

Until then I sit on a star.

Here on an asteroid all on my own.

I felt so weepy, but this tune calmed me. I feel a sleep wash over me. I close my eyes and darkness flows. I lay in dark for a little while. Time ticks on but not a frown crossed my face. I rest in this darkness and ease my soul.

A voice now enters my ears. A sweet humming I wish will stay. I open my eyes to see your face. You gaze ahead with your tune. My head resting in your lap. I ask you “What happen where did you go?”.  You simply gaze and smile. I wanted an answer. But all you do is sing. A sweet melody for me.

You are my one. You are my only.

In this dream have peace and sleep.
My one north star that guides me home.

My one true love to me you belong.

I want to stay but I have to leave.
Goodbye for now. My lovely, my sweet

You began to fade but, first your tears fall to my face. They were warm and serene. “I love you.” I say as I awake from my dreams.

I stare at the light the sun brings to me. I smile as I finally heard it from you. Goodbye, my love. I’ll always miss you. My dear Constance. I’ll always miss you.