Cecily’s Apprentice: Apprentice

Hello all! As I get into the swing of things, I kinda slowed down. I know it is soon but I’ll still try to update as regularly as possible. Here is the next part of Cecily’s Apprentice. We see their first session of the magic lessons. “Let’s see what you got.” Cecily’s Apprentice: Apprentice TheContinue reading “Cecily’s Apprentice: Apprentice”

Cecily’s Apprentice: Fiona

I give you all the first of Cecily’s Apprentice. We meet a woman named Fiona and see her mysterious potential. You chilled the whole town!? Interesting… The town came into view. The sun was beginning to peak from the clouds. Many were still bundled up. She could hear murmurs about the snow’s disappearance. She chuckledContinue reading “Cecily’s Apprentice: Fiona”