Some flash fiction for you

Hi everyone! Today I will do something a bit different. I have a few stories for you. Since I love flash fiction I thought you would enjoy seeing some. I’m thinking of sharing more but I will keep it with the short stories too. Please enjoy! Your Warmth by Raine Leggett The pieces lying beforeContinue reading “Some flash fiction for you”

The Goddess’s Crown by Raine Leggett

As I stated before, I love mythical beings. Something about the other side and what may lay there is so interesting to me. This story is just a sad story I thought of. There is light however in it too as finding light in the wreckage is a nice story line to me. Enjoy. TheContinue reading “The Goddess’s Crown by Raine Leggett”

Falling by Raine Leggett

I have another story for you all today! It is a flash fic. I was inspired by the topic of loss and overcoming it. Check it out and have a great day. Falling by Raine Leggett Falling and falling. An abyss floods around me. I stopped fighting long ago. I won’t scream for help anymore.Continue reading “Falling by Raine Leggett”

Admiration by Raine Leggett

Admiration is a start of a collection. It is a love and longing of a certain individual. It is more feeling than my collection “To My Dear Love”. Admiration is the first love type of story. It speaks of doubts and of longing. Check it out.! Admiration by Raine Leggett I remember when I firstContinue reading “Admiration by Raine Leggett”

The Artist, Natalie Gholston by. Raine Leggett An East Sol Extra

Hello all! So as you know I have a novel called East Sol: The Sector with the Brightest Sun. It features the romance of Royal Noble Mimi Nowell and Crown Princess Rochel Sol. It is a Fantasy Novel with futuristic elements. They reside in the kingdom of Sol. It is a powerful kingdom that boastsContinue reading “The Artist, Natalie Gholston by. Raine Leggett An East Sol Extra”